Friday, September 13, 2019

Rock Artist Biography - Billy Ray Rock

Billy Ray Rock: 1st Afro-American Rock Artist! review – An Artist With The Potential To Sell Out Venues

Author: Tamanna Lakhanpal

From Prince to Lenny Kravtiz to rock, former “Level 21” frontman Billy Ray Rock and his re-energised raconteurs have a blast

Billy Ray Rock goes back to his well of twanging guitars, swooning melodies, Twin Peaks-ish Americana and unique sound ballads about social issues. We live in a terrifying world of conflict and flux, where any consideration of what comes next comes from uncertainty. If you are looking to study the charisma of Billy Ray Rock, after being a lead vocalist and album releases since his solo commercial breakthrough, you might converge on the fact that he offers certain respite from everyday life. 

While listening to his music, you may know more or less about what comes next in his music. Guitars will twang and electronics will waft and surge in a manner that evokes Mick Jagger’s soundtrack to Rick James, and his voice will be swathed in reverb in a manner that evokes Ray Parker Jr. 

Artists like Billy Ray Rock outshine the music industry to remind everyone of the allure of social challenges and passion. It is “if I’m not making a difference then why would I do this!” according to Billy– in carnival-barker mode to highlight the issues in his record-breaking track "Time Keep On".

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